A Must Attend Event for Internet Marketers, Facebook Advertisers, Social Media Professionals, Digital Consultants,Bloggers, E-Commerce Store Owners and Internet Newbies Who Want To Reach A Bigger Audience, Build A Following And Earn More!

“Discover How Experts Like Rick McMunn, Mike Berry, Sarah Staar, Simon Coulson, Larry Loik, Mark Attwood (and others)… Have Grown Their Own Online Businesses… And How They Can Help You Build Yours, Fast!”


Find Out “What’s Working Now” In Marketing

Business Learning, Networking, Food & Fun!

Date TBC, Heathrow London

Ten Leading Authorities On Internet Marketing Strategies And Success Mindset, Will Reveal What Is Working Now! They’ll Accelerate Your Learning By Showing You How To Work Smarter, Grow Your List And Take The Right Actions To Make More Profit In Your Business…

“I have been organising events since 1988 & always aim to create a relaxed, informal & fun approach to business learning. Internet Marketers Ball provides a perfect weekend to grow your internet business knowledge, meet I.M. ‘Players’ face-to-face, create new friendships & find potential business partners. Bobby & I look forward to your company.”Steve Foley

“This was one of the best marketing events I’d ever been to. People were still talking about it years later. So due to popular demand, I’ve teamed up with Steve to help put it on again, just for you. Make sure you’re there and we promise you’ll have a blast, make some cool new contacts and learn some fab new marketing skills.”Bobby Gill

What’s Your Dream?

  • Do you want extra income?
  • More free time to do what you want?
  • Be able to travel more?
  • Plan to retire early and wealthy?

If you want to make it happen – this is the best place to start!

This Will be the Best Internet Marketing Event You Attend This Year

Expert Internet Marketers

Best expert teachers who have extensive knowledge of their chosen topics and the latest online marketing strategies. They practice what they teach!

Meet New Friends

An excellent opportunity to meet and network with other internet marketers that you only see online. They are your peer group & could be your new business partners.

You Are A VIP

Everyone that attends will be looked after… including networking lunch on both days, Ball Dinner & guaranteed to have a good time and meet cool people.

“I am really excited to be a part of this breakthrough event. I have known about all of these knowledgeable speakers over the years, and I’ve only previously shared the stage with a couple of them. I will be looking forward to learning loads too, and will be as eager as everyone else to sit in the room and soak in as many nuggets as possible.” – Mike Berry

Who Is This Event For?

Let me ask you…

  • Do you want to start an internet business?
  • Are you confused by all the noise online?
  • Want to meet ordinary people who make money using a laptop?

Some experts (and attendees) make millions & others make enough to pay their bills, so they can stay at home, enjoy their free time & spend it with the family. Making enough income online to quit your job may be your first goal – come & see how to get started & who can help you.

This Event is for those of you who are either new to internet marketing and/or reached a point where you’re stuck or want to scale your business more.  Our Expert speakers will be sharing strategies that will help beginners to get started, avoid mistakes and get it right by learning from the years of experience of those presenting. They have spent tens of thousands and years in the trenches, doing, learning & refining to get where they are today. Covering everything from SEO to traffic generation – and affiliate marketing to high ticket sales.

If you are already doing well in online marketing, maybe you just want to learn a couple of new things to grow your business or find out more about an area you’d like to expand into.  Our guest speakers will be covering everything from Facebook marketing, Instagram, Shopify, Amazon Ecommerce, authoring & membership sites. Also you can apply certain techniques in other areas of your business too.

So if you want New Ideas and to know What’s Working Now, this is the event for you.

As well as the learning, there will be network lunches and Dinner with the Mentors. It really will be the best value and most entertaining Internet Marketing Event that you attend this year.

The Expert Speakers

SIMON COULSON:3 Step System For  Guaranteed Internet Success

Simon Coulson, MBA, climbed the corporate ladder with BT PLC for 14 years before quitting the city life and becoming an internet marketer. He has since started 5 separate million pound businesses online, which have generated over £20 million pounds in sales. The first £2 million were from the spare room in his house!

Simon has spoken on stage alongside former President Bill Clinton, Lord Sugar, and Tony
Robbins, amongst others, and has visited Necker Island meeting with Sir Richard Branson. He
went from playing in a pub band to performing at the O2 Arena. He has driven his dream car, a
Ferrari, and purchased his dream property – a 35 acre estate used for the 90’s ITV hit show ‘The
Darling Buds of May’ starring Catherine Zeta Jones and David Jason.

He is now the Amazon No. 1 bestselling Author of ‘Interpreneur – The secrets of my journey to
self-made internet millionaire’, which tells his inspiring story. In the book, Simon shares valuable
insight about how anybody can become an internet entrepreneur with just a laptop and the
desire to make money, and the book contains more than 20 real-life student success stories.

RICK McMUNN: Self-Publishing

Number 1 bestselling author and award-winning publisher, Richard McMunn, teaches you how to write and publish a book in any genre within 30 days. Richard has written and self-published in excess of 150 books and in his talk, he will take you through the key stages of the writing and publishing process. Includes how to get your book in high st stores and Amazon Kindle, and become an Amazon Bestseller.

– How to choose a genre for your book that will practically guarantee sales
– How to give yourself the best possible chance of writing a best-seller, making you heaps of money and giving you celebrity status amongst your friends and family!
– How to choose a powerful, captivating title that will hook in readers and make them desperate to know more
– How to get your book ready for publishing, including critical elements such as proofreading, editing, typesetting, ebook formatting, book cover design, book descriptions, and more
– How to create high-quality, professional artwork for your book, both digital and physical, ensuring that it stands out from the crowd
– How to outsource the actual writing of the book (yep, if you don’t actually want to write the book yourself, you don’t have to!)
– How to self-publish your book and start selling it on Amazon, and even Waterstones!
– How to effectively market your book to increase exposure worldwide, drive sales and generate huge profits
– And much, much more…

MIKE BERRY: $40,000 per month income thanks to Facebook

Mike has spoken around the world on the Internet Marketing Platform and having generated his first income online in 1996 (two years before Google started), he is undoubtedly one of our most
experienced online marketers.

Mike hosted the First Ever Internet Summit in Scotland in 2004 and he continues to generate 100% of his income via the web.

Mike is consistently one of our most sought-after speakers, with a wealth of information and unique, directly-actionable content.

You’ll be pleased to know that gone are the days of staring at a screen all day, and wondering how to attract and communicate with your ideal clients.

Mike will cover the absolute latest Facebook changes and evolution, FB apps, ads and various softwares, and especially what IS working in Social Media (particularly Facebook).

Including a case study of starting a brand new FB Fanpage from scratch, taking it through 6,000 visitors within ONE WEEK, and on to 500,000 loyal followers within 8 months.

More importantly, Mike will cover list-building and monetising those fans to the tune of $40,000 p.m.

NEIL STAFFORD: Recurring Income Membership sites

Neil made his first sale online back in 1998 for an oil painting!

He’s since gone on to launch successful businesses in various niche markets including soccer coaching, dog training, business training and consulting to name a few.

In 2003 he launched his first online membership site and soon had thousands of people around the world paying him on a monthly basis for the content he provided.

Taking that expertise he launched recurring revenue programs in different markets for himself, and for his clients, with revenues ranging from the thousands a month, tens of thousands per month and even six figures per month.

Neil is regarded as one of the leading experts on Membership Sites and Recurring Revenue.

He now works with Information Based businesses helping them implement campaigns and business building strategies specifically around recurring revenue programs.

Because of the automatic nature of recurring revenue programs Neil was able to take a lot of time of recently without an adverse effect on income as he and he wife went through the adoption process.

SARAH STAAR: Traffic & high-ticket products

Sarah started internet marketing back in 2003, with a ‘Broadband Internet TV Stations’ directory website that was getting around 10,000 unique visitors each month, to which she added Google Adsense to monetise it.

She then went on to sell affiliate products through Search Engines, and discovered Clickbank. Sarah started building and promoting her own web-sites to sell affiliate products, and now owns over 50 websites that sell a wide range of goods and services. Her skills lie in how to cost effectively promote them, via methods such as Keyword SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Article Marketing, Outsourcing backlinks and more. Now teaching how to market high-ticket items plus she has scaled up her own training programmes to over £1m per year turnover.

JON PENBERTHY: Traffic Generation & Affiliate Marketing

Over his 7 years in the industry, Jon Penberthy’s marketing has reached millions of people, he’s built an email list of 227,475 leads and generated millions of dollars in the process.

He will be pulling back the curtains on the exact process he has used to achieve these results.

MILI PONCE: Social Media Sales Funnels

Recognised keynote speaker on Digital Marketing, Community Management and Content Marketing around the World. Mili has presented on the same stage as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki.

Founder of Europe’s #1 Social Media Marketing blog, SocialSongbird, specialised on social media marketing & Apps with an average of 10,000 visitors per day. Also Founder of The SMF Group, a leading multinational Digital Marketing Company with clients in 10 countries across 4 continents, HQ in the UK and offices in Spain and South America soon opening in Australia.

LARRY LOIK: FBA Fulfilled by Amazon + Shopify Dropshipping & Wholesaling

Lawrence (Larry) Loik is the president of Success Systems International Inc. He is known as THE nation’s foremost leading expert on Internet Marketing in the REAL World. He specializes in how to make a constant flow of cash each and every month with no internet marketing experience.

Larry was the largest Anthony Robbins franchisee in the world. He was personally trained by Tony and as a result is a sought after International speaker. Mr. Loik has been featured on CNBC, CBS, TNN, LA TIMES, NY TIMES ,MONEY MAGAZINE, REUTERS AND OTHERS.

He was the host of the nationally syndicated CBS Radio program, “The New Money Show”. He founded the largest Real Estate Investor Network in America known as The REINclub. His cutting edge SqueezePage list building software is used worldwide by thousands of people online. Growing up in Canada, his love for hockey is ongoing since having played with the “Great One” Wayne Gretzky.


A serial entrepreneur that has had a packed career including working as a turkey-plucker (my first paid job at 10 years: 20p per turkey!), a paperboy, a Tesco shelf-stacker, a trainee RAF pilot, a published poet, a stand up comedian, a theatre director and producer, an actor, an advertising salesman, a publisher (one of his magazines has generated over £3m so far), a marketing agency CEO, and creator of the world’s first online skip hire company, which has so far generated over £40 million.

Since 2008, Mark has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners get to where they want to get faster, mainly through applying digital marketing strategies. Many of his students and clients achieve 1000%+ growth in their businesses but, more importantly, learn how to work on their business, not in it, and establish multiple streams of income – the key to building wealth.

As The Sovereign Entrepreneur he wants to explore the idea of what it takes to be free in this world through entrepreneurship.

He went from growing up in a council house with no prospects to building multiple ££multi-million businesses which now affords him a luxury laptop-lifestyle anywhere in the world, whilst currently living in Marrakech.

Meet Your Hosts


– International Events Organiser since 1988 – Business Conferences, Exhibitions & Music Festivals
– Entrepreneur, Corporate Film Maker, Musician, Songwriter, Record Producer
– Blue-Chip Business & Shopping Mall Consultant – Been Online since 1982
– Clients include P&O, Walt Disney, IKEA, British Waterways, Malaysian Tourist Board
– Carer for terminally-ill wife, Amy
– Proud Dad & Grandad


Bobby is an online marketer and like to give people value. He believes relationships are the most important asset you will ever have, so make sure you look after people you meet and your clients.

He has hosted networking events including the Northern Property Network in Yorkshire and the Internet Business Mastermind in London. As well as being a top affiliate for some of the biggest events companies in the UK and having crewed at the biggest personal development events, such as Tony Robbins UPW.

These days he is still working hard behind the scenes with a couple of companies doing the online marketing strategy, systems and marketing. Having helped grow the ‘property investors network‘ meetings brand from 20 to 50+ monthly meetings around the UK, he is now working with Wealth Dragons to promote and grow their Business Education events and online services.

ADAM SHAW: MC For The Weekend

Adam Shaw trains people to connect better in business and life for more harmony, happiness and business results. He also runs a business network and helps people to present better.

Through his training, writing and teaching of The Lunatic Gene: How to Make Sense of Your Life, he also helps people to get a better work-life balance, feel better, and understand what is really important in their lives.

Adam has been an After Dinner speaker at the ‘property investors network’ and also spoke at The Messenger Summit in California. He has also worked with and interviewed luminaries such as Dr John Demartini, Steven Covey and Brian Tracy.

As Well As Great Speakers, What Else Will There Be?

Hawaiian Beach Party Theme – Music, Food & Fun

Networking Lunches

Lunches will be provided so you make best use of your time, so you get the chance to know your fellow internet marketers better.

Dinner With The Mentors

Everyone will get a Full 3-Course Dinner with the Speakers. Giving you the opportunity to meet them and ask any questions 1-to-1.

Live Entertainment

The Ball includes live music from a band of internet marketing musicians! So you can get down and boogie as well.

“I always enjoy the IM ball because it’s probably one of the only social events I go to where I don’t get bored of the conversation topic! Not only is it great to meet up with friends, peers, and find new partners to do business with – but it’s also the place to pick up the very latest tips and techniques that my Internet Marketing tribe are using in their business.” – Simon Coulson

Work Hard & Play Hard

The delegate list from our first event (many were just starting out) – now reads like a Who’s Who of Internet Marketing Experts.

Whether you are just starting out or midway through your internet journey – this is the place to find out ‘What’s Working Now’ from the best in the Internet Business.

Yes, this is an amazing line up and we are really excited, so get registered today! We all look forward to meeting you at the Internet Marketers Ball!

To your online success, Steve & Bobby



9am-6pm both days
Internet Marketers Ball Dinner on Saturday evening, 8pm till Late


If you’re still reading this page, then you really do want to attend The Internet Marketers Ball.

So what’s stopping you? Are you uncertain if it’s for you?
Don’t think you have the time? Or don’t think you can afford it?

These are the main reservations that some people have.

  • Not sure if it’s right for them

Some people may not be interested in learning the latest internet marketing strategies to build their list, get more clients, and earn more money, then this event probably isn’t right for them.

Maybe they don’t want to meet other online marketers and join a peer-group of like-minded people to speak to & support you, it’s not going to be for them either.

They usually act as if they ‘know-it-all’ already or prefer to learn the hard way and do it alone.
Of course you’re smarter than that and realise learning is important to stay ahead!

  • Don’t think they can make the time

Time is a valuable asset and most people use it working, then spend what they have left with their families and hobbies. Taking time away from your business can have a cost – but don’t you deserve some time away from the desk?

The strategies you’ll learn at the Internet Marketers Ball and then implement will save you weeks, maybe even months, by accelerating your learning in only one weekend. Those that miss out will still be trying to work out how to grow their business by themselves, whilst those that attended will be leaps and bounds ahead.

Being at this event really is a small investment of your time now, to save wasting a LOT more time in the months ahead working hard. Hoping to discover the secrets that our experts will share at this event with those who showed up.

Also you need to take some time out once in a while. So as well as being a learning event, this will also be a fun weekend to hang out, party and enjoy yourself. Treat yourself to this mini-break as you deserve it.

  • Others don’t think they can afford it

Attendance at this event is NOT an expense. It is an investment. A small investment in your business, your education, yourself and your future.

When you implement even a couple of the ideas we will share with you at this event, you’ll make many multiples of your investment back! Just one simple strategy could generate thousands of pounds in additional sales for your online business.

If you were to call up these expert speakers, invite them all round to your place for a weekend and answer your important burning questions that you need help with – you’re right, you probably wouldn’t be able to afford it. Not only are we taking on all this expense ourselves, we are also providing you lunch and dinner and entertainment for the whole weekend on top. We have made it so you can definitely afford this for a fraction of what it would cost you to put it together.

Don’t undervalue yourself by saying you can’t afford it – because you are definitely worth more than relatively small entry price.

If you’re still reading this but haven’t registered your seat yet, you know it’s probably because you really DO want to be go. You know it makes sense! All you have to do now is book your ticket and get ready for the best Internet Marketing Event that you will attend this year.


Do you have a schedule?

We haven’t finalised the event schedule. When you attend, you can ask the hosts and they will be able to indicate what day a particular speaker will likely be on – and whether it is morning or afternoon. Of course it is subject to change and you won’t want to miss the great stuff other speakers will be sharing, as you never know what nuggets you will miss if you only come to see your favourite speakers.

Is this a pitch-fest?

No. This is not a pitchfest like some of the free events you may have been to, where they say you’ll meet the speakers and then don’t provide any content whilst selling to you constantly.

This event is a high quality content event, with each speaker doing a short background, then giving 60 minutes of solid actionable content, followed by an option to be mentored. Each speaker will be there to share their secrets and deliver strategies that you can use immediately to improve your business – and there will be plenty of info provided to get you results.

This event also stands out as it includes: Networking Lunches, where the focus is on you making some great new contacts. Dinner With The Mentors, where you get to meet and chat to the speakers. And of course The I.M. Ball, an opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself.

Will I be able to meet all the speakers and get a picture?

We can’t guarantee that you will have the chance to meet and talk to every speaker. Although they will be doing a Q&A at the end of their sessions so you can ask any burning questions. They will also be there for the Dinner on the Saturday night and during the event, so you will be able to catch up with them at some point! To get an introduction to your chosen speaker, register for the Platinum Package and we will make sure you definitely meet them and get some 1-on-1 time.

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